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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Let's take a spin around the NFL and see what others are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jaguars’ push to pressure opposing quarterbacks continues |
When Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a 52-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter against the Jaguars on Saturday night, defensive end Austen Lane was a step away from getting to Fitzpatrick. "He made a good inside move, and he’s a step away. If he made the move a split second quicker, he might have had a chance to hit the quarterback. Close, but no cigar," Jaguars defensive line coach Joe Cullen said.

Jaguars Notebook: Rookie QB Blaine Gabbert learning about NFL defenses |
Like all rookies, Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert noticed a few things about NFL defenses this preseason. He’s learned they’re a lot faster than what he’s seen in the past, and defensive coordinators are a lot more prepared for him. "They know what your weaknesses are as a rookie quarterback," Gabbert said.

Paul Posluszny, in defense of his pass coverage ability |
A Buffalo columnist said recently Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny couldn't cover a crock pot. Harsh, and judging by the comments after Saturday night's game, a lot of people felt that 30-yard catch by Bills running back Fred Jackson, in one-on-one coverage with Posluszny, was confirmation of that. To Posluszny, though, rhetoric of his ineffectiveness in pass coverage is based on a very limited sample size. And while he does think that's an area he'd like to improve, he doesn't think that's really accurate.

No rush to judgment - Jaguars news on
Aaron Kampman gets it, and said he wouldn’t tell fans not to be upset. "They should be," he said. Kampman, an 11-year NFL veteran defensive end and a leader of the Jaguars’ defensive line, said there’s a difference between fans being upset and reality. And Kampman said the latter is two-fold

Jack Del Rio Could Have an Incentive to Cut David Garrard in Favor of Blaine Gabbert | August
We've been speculating for weeks if not months about the future of David Garrard as the Jacksonville Jaguars' starting quarterback. We all know that Blaine Gabbert isn't polished, but it's his team to lead at some point, whether it's sooner or later. We've also discussed on various forums, here and elsewhere, about which quarterback would be picked if the competition was virtually equal. Let's throw in one more wrinkle to the equation. Jack Del Rio may have an incentive to move on with Blaine Gabbert instead of David Garrard.

Quarterback? What about the safeties? | Jaguars Blog
Through three preseason games, every eye has been on David Garrard and Blaine Gabbert, and for good reason. However, though a good old-fashioned quarterback competition is the biggest attention-grabber in football, the safety position is still the one I’m most worried about. Against the Bills, Dawan Landry had what you could generously call a bad game. He overran running plays at least three times by my count, sailing past the gap and allowing the back to cut back toward the middle of the field and pick up extra yardage. He also made a poor play on the Bills’ first touchdown, failing to knock away the pass that sailed right over his head and directly into the waiting arms of Marcus Easley. Landry hasn’t stood out much this preseason; he’s been decent in run support, but hasn’t stepped up in pass defense. The biggest problem is the way the Jaguars’ safety corps has been set up.

Paul Posluszny on his pass defense - AFC South Blog - ESPN
The rap on Paul Posluszny is that he’s not very good in pass coverage. In the Jaguars’ most recent preseason game he got beat by Buffalo running back Fred Jackson for a 30-yard catch, which brought the criticism back to the forefront. Paul Posluszny says he feels much more comfortable in the Jaguars' defense than he did last season in Buffalo.He talked about it with Tania Ganguli, defending his coverage skills, talking about small sample size and pointing out where he believes the perception comes from.