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Rashad Jennings on Crutches?

In Saturday's game against the Buffalo Bills, back up runningback Rashad Jennings returned to action after missing the previous week with a concussion. Jennings started the ball game with Maurice Jones-Drew still out, but left early in the game with what was catergorized as a knee sprain. According to a report, Rashad Jennings was spotted on crutches at Tuesday's practice, which raised some concerns about his knee injury. It's the preseason right now, so the team is not required to release any specific injury information. The fact that Jennings was spotted on crutches however is not a good sign.

Part of what made Jones-Drew potentially getting to a slow start easier to swallow was Jennings ability to fill in. I feel like Jennings is a starting caliber runningback who could be productive through the course of a 16 game season. Now, he's no Maurice Jones-Drew that's for sure, but on a team who's passing game has struggled losing a key cog to the rushing attack will hurt if it winds up being a serious injury. It also makes it a little more scary, given the fact that under Jack Del Rio, we've seen a lot of "just knee sprains" wind up being serious injuries. I would assume Jennings will not play against the St. Louis Rams, so we'll see plenty of Deji Karim and UDFA DuJuan Harris, who's going to be a tough cut.