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Del Rio doesn't like to hear the Jaguars have no sacks

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Through the course of three preseason games, the Jacksonville Jaguars defense currently has zero sacks. With zero sacks, the Jaguars are the only team in the NFL to not have a single sack so far in the preseason. They can rectify that Thursday against the St. Louis Rams, but head coach Jack Del Rio doesn't seem to like it being talked about.

Del Rio was asked if it was easy to excuse, due to the missing starters on the defense or if it was a general concern. "What happens is it's going to get written off the minute this last preseason game is over and you can talk about it for another week then no one cares," quipped Del Rio. Unfortunately for Del Rio though, people will care. If the Jaguars go through four preseason games and wind up the only team in the NFL without a sack, that will be a major concern. The team, even without Aaron Kampman, etc. should be able to get at least a single sack. A coverage sack. A sack of the QB holding onto the ball too long. A junk sack where a guy scrambles when he shouldn't.... something.

"It makes a good copy for you," Jack Del Rio said to the media about the team having no sacks, and if it bothered him. "You can copy and paste that one. You've got one more week to use it."

The media pressed the issue and it seemed to bother Del Rio. "No, I'm serious. I said how I feel about it. I mean, that's really what I have to say about that. I know you like it because it's a tweak button for you, but I'm not going there with you right now."