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Jaguars Should Sit Garrard for the Scrimmage

As we all know, Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard went down with a back injury last night in practice. Head coach Jack Del Rio said it wasn't anything major from what he had been told and Garrard should be fine by the time the scrimmage would roll around. Indications today however from multiple reporters at the facilities is that newly signed tight end Marcedes Lewis said he saw David Garrard limping around the facility.

Last night, we all saw Garrard limping on the field, which led me to assume he tweaked his ankle from when he bumped into a lineman. We were told it was a back however, but it's obviously still causing Garrard enough discomfort to be limping according to what Lewis said. I didn't expect Garrard to practice this evening anyways, but I'm beginning to wonder if he'll play in the scrimmage and why he even should.

Del Rio told the media yesterday after practice he didn't feel now was the time to push through an injury for David Garrard. Saturday at the scrimmage, won't be either. The Jaguars should use the extra available reps to continue to work with rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert who's progressed rather nicely since last week. He did miss OTA's and mini-camp, so while Garrard is recovering from his back injury, now's a perfect time to work those extra available reps to your advantge.

Not to mention that the "Start Gabbert" fire has already apparently begun. Playing Garrard with a strained back would really do him a disservice, because he's likely to struggle. The pseudo-quarterback controversy as it stands is bad enough, it would just throw kerosene on that fire if Garrard were to struggle in front about 15-20,000 Jaguars fans in the scrimmage due to an injury that will clearly effect him throwing the football. More importantly though, playing Garrard in it is unnecessary this early, all it would do is lend him to the possibility of aggrevating the injury.