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Jaguars Madden 12 Ratings

I don't have a full list of the Madden 12 ratings for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but I do know they rate rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert a 75 overall. The overall ratings for teams however, has been released. Over on ESPN, here's what the Jaguars overall Madden 12 rating is and a little note about the roster itself.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 75
Maurice Jones-Drew leads the way with a 95 overall and 94 speed (not to mention, 89 trucking), but when your leading wide receiver is only an 80 overall, you might have some problems throwing for too many yards, even if with a stud tight end catching the ball over the middle.

I'm not as avid of a Madden player as I used to be, but that's not too great from what I recall. It ranks the Jaguars third overall as far as AFC South teams are concerned, with the Indianapolis Colts ranking in first.