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Jaguars Depth Chart

The Jacksonville Jaguars have apparently released their pre-season depth chart. I haven't been able to get ahold of it yet, but Paul Kuharsky from has. There are a few notable starters and where people fall in on the depth chart.


  • Jason Spitz is the starting left guard ahead of rookie third-rounder Will Rackley.
  • Aaron Kampman is at right end with Austen Lane at left end.
  • Dawan Landry is at free safety, with Courtney Greene at strong safety. Rookie fourth-rounder Chris Prosinski is Landry's backup, and Mike Hamlin is behind Greene, ahead of Don Carey.
  • D'Anthony Smith is a third-string defensive tackle behind Leger Douzable and C.J. Mosley.
  • Fifth-round draft pick Rod Issac ranks as a fourth-string cornerback.
  • Mike Thomas is the top punt returner with Deji Karim the top kick returner. Scotty McGee is behind both.


It's not really a shocker to me that Austen Lane will get the initial start opposite Aaron Kampman. He's been the second best end in all of camp. Same goes for the starting safety group, most of us figured it would pair Landry and Greene.

D'Athony Smith being behind Mosley and Douzable shouldn't be a shock, either. He's coming off a major, major injury. I'd be surprised if he's 100% at this point.

The fact that Scott McGee is the back up return man doesn't bode well for him, considering he's dropped some returns in practice and spent a lot of time by himself fielding punts. He'll need to put it all together, quickly.