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Blaine Gabbert Likely to Start Against Patriots

Jessica Blaylock of 1010XL called into Sports Final Radio with a Jacksonville Jaguars practice update. She noted that Cecil Shorts had missed the Jaguars scrimmage, but was back on the field today. She also made mention that  rookie quarterback and 10th overall pick  Blaine Gabbert could start on Thursday night against the New England Patriots. Regular starter David Garrard went down with a back injury last Thursday evening and missed the next two days of practice.

Garrard is back to practice on a limited basis and isn't expected to play on Thursday. This means we will see a healthy dose of Blaine Gabbert against a first team defense with the first team offense, no doubt sooner than the team had originally planned. Last week, the team mentioned they'd like to give Gabbert some time with the first team in the pre-season, but I'm not sure starting him in the first game was ever in their plans.

EDIT: I erroneously put the "team expects" Gabbert to start. It should be, "could start", like the headline. Apologies Jessica. I unintenionally made it sound like she was reporting it officially more so than he could likely start while relaying what I heard.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union gives us an update on Garrard in her blog:

He said today his back is feeling better every day, but he is not yet to the point where he can run around and take hits.

"If it means missing the first preseason game, unfortunately it means missing the first preseason game," Garrard said.