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Jaguars OL Kevin Haslam Headed To IR

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Kevin Haslam went down in a heap with a knee injury on Saturday evening at the team's scrimmage at EverBank Field. Jack Del Rio noted after the game that it was likely just an MCL injury, but he feared Haslam would be out for a while. Today, we learned that Haslam is likely headed to injured reserve.

"He has an MCL and some other things,'' coach Jack Del Rio said Monday. "It's likely going to be more of a longer term out, (we're) talking months, not days or weeks. In all likelihood, he'll be placed on IR in the next couple days.''

Kevin Haslam wasn't in line to compete for a starting position on the offensive line, but it stings because he provided valuable depth on the line as a whole. Haslam was a swing tackle that can play either offensive tackle position. With the Jaguars being short on guards after the release of Vince Manuwai, Haslam had began getting reps at left guard and looked pretty good at it. An injury to a versatile offensive lineman is much bigger than one who is just a guard or tackle only, when you have a guy who can play them all, it saves you a roster spot.