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Free Agent Scouting Report: Drew Coleman

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Some of the free agents the Jacksonville Jaguars signed in 2011 free agency we know about, like Clint Session. We saw him twice a year, as he was in the same division. Other guys, like defensive back Drew Coleman, we didn't get to see that often.

I asked John from Gang Green Nation to give us a scouting report on Coleman.


Coleman was pretty bad his first four years in the league. His play in coverage in the slot went from horrendous to passable in 2010. He gives up a lot of completions, but he mitigates them to a degree by making tackles to prevent runs after the catch (although he also misses a lot of tackles).

Where Coleman is really valuable is as a blitzer. Just under a quarter of his pass rushes in 2010 resulted in a sack or a pressure. That's really good. If you have a defense that likes to use a lot of pressure packages for guys in the secondary, that's the best fit for Coleman.