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Jaguars Training Camp: Biggest Disappointment

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Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp is closed and they get ready to head to the pre-season, we'll divy out some awards on who the biggest disappointments of camp have been. The bad surprises.

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David Garrard, QB: I'm only listing David Garrard (not on the poll) because he's been shaky the first week of training camp. To his defense, Garrard is typically slow starting in training camp and the preseason, so there's not a huge concern in my opinion. The issue with his back could also become problematic, those types of injuries seem to be chronic and linger.

Eben Britton, OT: Britton to me, has had a massively disappointing camp. Head coach Jack Del Rio has even mentioned him as being behind where they wanted him to be. He injured his shoulder last season and had to have season ending surgery on it, but that was early in the year. Britton has struggled in pass protection in camp and missed practice last night with a back injury.

Larry Hart, DE: I put Larry Hart in the disappointments not because he's necessarily played poorly, but he just looks like he's out of shape. Hart was one of the rookies that hit the wall hard last season and had to be sat down. I'm not sure what he did in the offseason, but when you look at him just physically and then a guy like Aaron Morgan and Austen Lane, you've got to wonder what his routine was. Hart still flashes some in camp, but he needs to shed some weight.

Jason Hill, WR: For a player the Jaguars are banking on being the answer at the other wide receiver position, Hill has yet to show much of anything in training camp. He's had one good play, going against David Jones in 11x11 drills, but outside of that he hasn't really done much of anything. I like Hill a lot, talent wise, but he needs to show out in the preseason.

Derek Cox, CB: I'm listing Derek Cox for a similar reason I listed Garrard (not on the poll), he's simply just not been able to practice with a calf injury. Cox hasn't necessarily been bad, but he's missed nearly a week with a soft tissue injury.

Terrance Knighton, DT: I'm not sure I really need to say much about why Knighton makes the list. He came to camp overweight and hasn't practiced a snap yet. He's not expected to practice until Saturday, so he's very likely not even going to play on Thursday night.

Scotty McGee, RS: If anyone needs a big-time preseason to make the roster, it's return specialist Scotty McGee. McGee was drafted last year and showed some explosiveness returning kicks, but he got injured and went to IR. When McGee catches the punt, he looks like he can do damage returning the kick. The problem is however, I had to say "When McGee catches the punt," as that's been a problem so far. He's a guy who only does one thing, and when you're that guy you have to do it really, really well.