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Jaguars Scouts This Weekend

This year I'll try to do a FanShot before each weekend of where the Jacksonville Jaguars scouts are at when I can find out. A scout being at a school/game doesn't always mean they'll draft that player, obviously, but it helps give us an idea of who/what they are interested in when draft time rolls around. As we all know, I like to compile a list of which draft prospects the team is interested in near draft time, because it helps narrow down the field.

This weekend, Jaguars will have scouts at the Montana State vs. Utah game.

Possible prospects: OT Tony Bergstrom, OT John Cullen, DE Derrick Shelby, DT Dave Kruger, TE Kendrick Moeai, WR DeVonte Christopher, WR Luke Matthews, OG Ben Tauanuu, DT Zach Minter, WR Everette Gilbert

Scouts will also be at Murray State vs. Louisville

Possible prospects: TE Josh Chichester, LB Dexter Heyman, WR Josh Bellamy, OC Mario Benevides, TE Nate Nord, FS Shenard Holton, DT Randy Salmon, LB Daniel Brown, WR Andrell Smith, QB Casey Brockman, OT Roderick Tomlin

These prospects are just off the top of my head, so if you think I'm missing one leave it in the comments.