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Defense leads the charge in victory over Titans

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The Jaguars broke the bank this summer to acquire two new linebackers (Paul Posluzsny and Clint Session), a new defensive end (Matt Roth), a new safety (Dawan Landry) and a new cornerback (Drew Coleman). They also traded for Jets defensive back Dwight Lowery.

Each of these acquired players made an impact in the Jaguars' 16-14 victory over the Titans in their week one matchup. With the exception of an 80 yard touchdown pass from Matt Hasselbeck to Kenny Britt that still has me dumbfounded, the Jaguars defense was very successful at slowing a Titans offense that had plenty of opportunities.

On the first play from scrimmage, Roth recorded a sack. Later Coleman recorded a second sack on a blitz that caught Hasselbeck from the blind side and forced a fumble.

Landry led the Jaguars in tackles from the safety position and the team even used three safety sets that featured Landry as an extra "box" safety in certain packages. Lowery sealed the victory by recording an interception with 23 seconds remaining.

Ultimately where the Jaguars found the most success defensively was along the defensive line, despite missing team captain Aaron Kampman. The combination of Matt Roth, Tyson Alualu Jeremy Mincey and newly signed John Chick consistently got to and hit Hasselbeck never allowing him to get comfortable. The line also did everything necessary to frustrate fantasy owners, holding Chris Johnson to just 24 yards on nine carries.

The Jaguars defense will likely face a stronger test when they go against the New York Jets in week two, but the early returns from their summer of investments look good.