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NFL Got the 9-11 Tribute Right

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A lot of times when professional sports leagues do things to honor holidays or anniversaries they'll tend to botch the tribute and make is cheesy. It's usually super cliche and not heart felt at all. What the NFL did across the league with their September 11th tribute however, was fantastic. The tribute video narrated by Robert DeNiro was perfect.

The Jacksonville Jaguars let Brock Bolen and William Middleton lead the charge out of the tunnel each with the American flag. Both have strong military ties. Middleton's brother plays for the Naval academy and Bolen comes from a military background. Jim Bolen, Brock's father, served as a Green Beret in the Vietnam War. You couldn't have picked two better guys to run the flag out.

The National Anthem and the presentation of the flag was fantastic. Using a mix of military personel and first responders (Fireman, Police, etc.) was a fantastic gesture. What set it over the top for me however, was the teams stepping up between these service men and helping hold the field length American flag. I didn't cry, but I'm not going to lie and say it didn't get a bit dusty in my section.

I'm not sure the NFL could have done a better job with the day.