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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Let's spin around the internet and see what people are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jaguars Notebook: Aaron Kampman’s return from knee injury remains on hold |
The brace Aaron Kampman wore on his right leg Monday extended beyond just a regular knee brace, going all the way down to his ankle. It was one of the ways the Jaguars are working to correct a setback Kampman had with his knee the weekend before the Jaguars’ season opener. Kampman missed Sunday’s 16-14 win over Tennessee and isn’t sure of a timetable for his return.


Luke McCown lauded for execution of Jaguars' game plan |
The Jaguars gave quarterback Luke McCown an offensive game ball Monday to go with the handcuffs they gave him Sunday. Of course, he didn't get real handcuffs in his first start with the Jaguars, but their offensive game plan limited his opportunities to throw.


No timetable yet - Jaguars news on
As Aaron Kampman saw it, all he could do was wait and see. He’s still waiting. Kampman, the Jaguars’ veteran defensive end who missed the regular-season opener Sunday after a setback with the knee he has been rehabilitating, said Monday afternoon he doesn’t yet know a timetable for a return.


One-and-oh is all that matters - Jaguars news on
Maurice Jones-Drew said that’s the age-old truth in the NFL, and the Jaguars’ running back on Monday said that’s what was all that mattered about the regular-season opener. Style points? No matter. Margin of victory? No matter.


Thoughts From the Weekend: McCown on Par with My Expectations | September
As soon as I began watching the Jaguars, Titans game at Everbank Field, I felt like the Jaguars were on course for a victory and a great start to the 2011 season. I didn't expect the Titans to have a chance to drive down the field for a winning field goal. Thank goodness Matt Turk decided to plop his last punt of the afternoon down just outside the 20, giving it plenty of room to bounce inside the 5 where it was downed. In reality, it wasn't a great punt, but the Jaguars, like much of the afternoon, just had it go their way.


Tempo a key for Jaguars, Luke McCown - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Luke McCown came out of Sunday’s win over the Titans at EverBank Field talking tempo. "We were breaking the huddle, we were getting to the line of scrimmage quick and getting plays off and getting back into the huddle and getting another play called real quick," he said. "That always lends itself to putting pressure on the defense and sometimes it gives you a little hint as to what front they’re playing, what kind of scheme so to speak of what you’re going to get."