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Who starts if Derek Cox can't play?

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I reported on Monday that Derek Cox would likely be out on Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New York Jets, and he could be out as many as three weeks total. I reported an update yesterday stating that I couldn't see anyway Cox would play on Sunday and he could be out anywhere between 2-6 weeks with his injury. If that's the case, the Jaguars will need to figure out who starts on the outside opposite Rashean Mathis. We'll have more of an "official" word when the initial injury report is released today.

The early front runner seems to be nickelback Drew Coleman, who the Jaguars picked up in free agency. Coleman is the teams "starting" nickelback and played the same position for the Jets in 2010. While Coleman is an adequate nickel corner, I'm not sure how he'd fair matched up on the outside. After Coleman, William Middleton is a candidate, but like Coleman he's primarily a nickel corner. I'm not sure either would be a good fit on the outside and would likely get picked on by the opposing team's quarterback.

Another possible option is defensive back Dwight Lowery, also formally of the Jets. The Jaguars picked up Lowery in a trade on cut day and he saw significant snaps playing free safety in some of the Jaguars 3-safety defensive looks on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. Lowery has been a utility defensive back in the past, playing at all of the positions in the defensive backfield. He's bigger than both Coleman and Middleton and might match up better with someone like Plaxico Burress, who's a bigger but slower wide receiver.

I doubt any official announcement will be made before the weekend, but it is curious to see who the Jaguars will trot out at the second corner position on Sunday.