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Hey look... a stupid Jaguars fan. Sigh.

Well, it's making the rounds so I guess it needs to be addressed. Apparently a Jacksonville Jaguars fan thought it was not a terrible idea to put a Steve McNair jersey on a skeleton with bloodmarks. There's no defense for the tasteless action here, and I quite frankly don't know what to say. Adam said on twitter he's seen the skeleton before sporting different jerseys, so it could just be a poor choice. I think I've seen this skeleton before and while it could be just a poor choice, you can't make that choice. You have to know better.

If this fan truely didn't know what they were doing by putting a McNair jersey on it, then they deserve everything they're going to get. If they did it knowingly... they deserve even more than they're getting. I mean, I'm all for tasteless jokes as long as they're funny, but this isn't even funny. It's just a shot right to the nuts and completely insensitive. I'm pretty sure a Vince Young Titans jersey could have been had for ultra-cheap, as well.

This of course doesn't represent 99% of Jaguars fans, but there's no defense of this. Dude, you're dumb.