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Zach Miller could be key in his return

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Zach Miller has battled the injury bug since he was drafted by the Jaguars in the 2009 NFL draft. He's flashed play making ability in the passing game as a flex tight end, who the team often compares to Dallas Clark of the Indianapolis Colts. While comparing Miller to Clark is high praise, Miller has got to stay on the field and contribute. With Marcedes Lewis status up in the air for the New York Jets on Sunday, Miller could take on a lead role in his return from a knee injury that sidelined him for much of training camp and the preseason.

"Hopefully, he'll be ready Sunday, too - but hopefully, we can all be out there contributing. An eighty- or eighty-five percent Marcedes Lewis is better than no Marcedes Lewis, but you don't want to set him back," Miller said of Lewis' injury and his availability on Sunday.

"I feel good," Miller told the media on Wednesday. "Everything we've set as a goal to move forward we've hit."

If Miller is available, he'll present a match up problem for the Jets. While he draws comparisons to Dallas Clark, Miller is both bigger and faster than Clark. The Jets can try to cover him with a defensive back, but because of his size he should be able to easily box out a defender. If the team puts one of their linebackers on Miller, he should be able to use his athletic ability to get open and beat the linebacker down the seam.