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Middleton fills in for Cox

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As I reported on Tuesday, Jacksonville Jaguars starting cornerback Derek Cox will be out on Sunday against the New York Jets. In his place, William Middleton will get the start. Middleton filled in adequately for Cox on Sunday when Cox was forced out of the game with a rib injury. Fast forward to the Jets game, and the Jets will be able to give the Jaguars secondary match up problems.

Rashean Mathis, the teams best corner, will likely wind up covering Santonio Holmes the majority of the time. Typically, the Jaguars play left corner/right corner instead of having a player shadow another team's receiver. I would expect the Jets to match up Plaxico Burress with William Middleton for much of the day, given the match up advantage Burress brings.

Drew Coleman, the Jaguars nickel corner, will likely have the duty of covering a mix between Holmes, Derrick Mason, and Jeremy Kurley from the slot position. If the Jaguars can't put pressure on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and force him to get rid of the football quickly, they could be in for a long day. The team will be without Aaron Kampman again, so it will be up to Jeremy Mincey, Matt Roth, Austen Lane, and John Chick to force Sanchez to get the football out.

The best help the defense can give to a secondary dealing with an injured starter is pressure. Consistent pressure.