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Jets Out Hype the Jaguars, 32-3

The Jacksonville Jaguars traveled to New York short handed to take on the New York Jets, but I'm not sure more hands would have helped what happened. The team was without their Pro Bowl tight end Marcedes Lewis and starting wide receiver Jason Hill... and the Jaguars offense was completely anemic. The defense held for as long as it could, but eventually they just wore down to the Jets.



The Jets opened the game by marching methodically down the field to score a touchdown on a pass from quarterback Mark Sanchez to wide receiver Santonio Holmes. On the Jaguars opening offensive drive, quarterbackLuke McCown was sacked for a safety, and it all went down hill from there. The Jaguars scored just 3 points in the first half on a 55 yard Josh Scobee field goal in the first quarter. Outside of that, the team wasn't able to do anything offensively except throw interceptions.

Luke McCown was picked off four times before finally being sat down in favor of rookie Blaine Gabbert. McCown ended the day going 6 of 19 for just 59 yards and a quarterback rating of 1.8 (Yes.. one point eight). Antonio Cromartie victimized McCown by  picking off two passes, nearly running one back for a touchdown.

There was a bright spot in the game however, as runningback Maurice Jones-Drew looked like his old self finishing the game with 18 carries for 88 yards, including another 19 yards on the ground. Outside of that... there wasn't much positive to go on.

Defensively, the Jaguars played solid considering everything that happened. They were able to pick off Mark Sanchez twice, but Sanchez also hurt them with two touchdown passes in the middle of the field. The Jaguars controlled the Jets line of scrimmage, not allowing much rushing room, but still wasn't able to put a lot of pressure on Sanchez. Sanchez had time to throw in most of his drop backs and was able to hit some relatively easy passes. Pass rush is definitely still a concern on this football team.

Overall, it was a pretty horrible showing for the Jaguars offense. McCown made quite a few poor decisions throwing the football and was lucky Jets safety Eric Smith has bad hands. Smith dropped two other could-be interceptions in the game. It will be interesting to watch to see if Jack Del Rio sticks with Luke McCown or continues with rookie Blaine Gabbert.