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Jaguars Jets Post Game Round up

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Jets 32 Jaguars 3: Early Afternoon Blowout - Gang Green Nation
The Jets are 2-0 after winning a 32-3 laugher today in the Meadowlands against the Jaguars. Although some early miscues caused stress, this one was much easier on the nerves than the opening week win. A defense that did not play well in the opener made Luke McCown look like Curtis Painter.

Let's spin around the internet and see what others are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars match up with the New York Jets.

Will Del Rio risk his future on a rookie QB? |
Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio has lasted nine seasons in Jacksonville despite making three major changes at quarterback. Now he's got to decide whether to do the quarterback shuffle again for the second time in two weeks. Sometime in the next few days, Del Rio will have to weigh the pros and cons on replacing veteran Luke McCown -- after a nightmarish four-interception game Sunday against the New York Jets -- with first-round draft pick Blaine Gabbert.

Jaguars defense does its part in loss to Jets |
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan issued a challenge to his players before they played the Jaguars. The Jets hadn't scored a first-quarter touchdown in 16 games and he wanted that to stop. It did stop, right away.

"A bad day" - Jaguars news on
Luke McCown said he didn’t see this coming. Jack Del Rio sure didn’t, either. Whatever the expectations, what happened to the Jaguars Sunday fell far, far short, and left a disturbing aftertaste, with McCown – in his second game as the Jaguars’ starting quarterback -- throwing four interceptions in a 32-3 loss to the New York Jets in front 78,834 at MetLife Stadium.

The only question - Editorial on
How long that wait will be is the question – really, the only question that matters tonight, and the only question likely to matter for a while around the Jaguars. Not if Blaine Gabbert will be the starting quarterback, of course, but when. When?

Jaguars vs. Jets: Game Recap | Jaguars Blog
Illness can come on suddenly, or it can slowly develop from something less serious. Symptoms pop up that you might dismiss as trivial, only to end up having that symptom be an indicator of a much larger problem. Some common symptoms: receivers’ inability to separate from defensive backs, quarterbacks not seeing defenders undercutting routes, mediocre blocking, poor pass defense, or negative body language. Side effects might include yelling at your TV, throwing your Jaguars hat on the floor and maliciously stomping it, or even the rare double-facepalm. It seems clear the 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars are suffering from some kind of illness; the question is, which?

Time for Jaguars to part ways with Del Rio | Jaguars Blog
Back in October of 2010 I wrote this piece about the state of the Jaguars, suggesting that the number of times Jacksonville was routed was a telling factor as to the progress of the team. I argued that with Jack Del Rio as coach and David Garrard as quarterback that Jacksonville was no better than average and hence the team was showing no progress. After the 32-3 loss to the Jets there is every indication that the team may now be moving to the left of the dial, going from average to bad. With one element having been removed from the equation in Garrard, maybe it is time to consider asking Jack to step aside.