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Jack Del Rio mum on the Jaguars starting QB, for now

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Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio met with the media today for his annual Monday press conference. Obviously, he was dominated by questions about the quarterback position. Del Rio opened up his press conference by saying the Jaguars broke down in two areas in the 32-3 loss against the New York Jets, special teams and the passing offense.

"Luke (McCown) struggled yesterday, there's no sugarcoating that.'' Del Rio said during his press conference. Del Rio was non-commital when asked whether Blaine Gabbert or Luke McCown would start on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Del Rio said about a possible change at quarterback, "At this point today, we're evaluating tape. If we decide to make a change at any position, we'll let you know when its appropriate." Del Rio continued, "Gabbert will get his shot at some point. It's not something we're going to talk about today."

The fact that Del Rio was dismissive of the situation and yet still made it a point to say that they were still evaluating tape makes me think even more that Blaine Gabbert will be the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Panthers. I would think if the team still planned to go with McCown, they'd have said as much and not left it open.