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Who is the boldest Jaguars fan? Boldest BCC member?

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We've got a series of sponsored posts coming up, who's also our Gameday Thread sponsor (and a delicious stout), trying to find the boldest fan for every team. This is a bit easier for some of the other teams in the NFL, especially one's who've been intrenched in the league for decades. The Jaguars obviously are relatively new, so this is a bit harder for us. That and the fact that I rarely pay attention to people in the stands/on the jumbotron.

I need some help figuring out who's the Jacksonville Jaguars boldest fan. The boldest fan doesn't need to be the most homerific, but they do have to be one that moves the needle. The fan who's opinion stands out the most amidst this sea of opinions. Naturally because I'm very modest, I cannot be considered for this award.

So, in the comments, nominate some fans. If you have a picture of said fan, post it in the comments.

Who's the boldest Jaguars fan?

Who's the boldest member of Big Cat Country?