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What can we expect out of Aaron Kampman, if/when he comes back?

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Aaron Kampman has already been ruled out of the Carolina Panthers game this weekend after suffering what's being described as a "set back" with his surgically repaired knee after tearing his ACL last season. Kampman received minimal work in training camp and played just a handfull of snaps in the final preseason game against the St. Louis Rams.

After the Rams game, Kampman suffered a set back, which has kept him sidelined since including being spotted with a full knee brace and looking fairly stiff. The Jaguars ruled Kampman out for week 3 early and still have no timetable on his return. Even Kampman himself isn't sure when he'll be back. We have to remember, the team planned to limit Kampman's snaps initially to "preserve" him for later in the season, but clearly it was because they knew he wasn't ready to play.

With all of that being said... why wasn't Aaron Kampman played on the physically unable to perform list out of the gate? He wasn't practicing anyway. What he did, was extremely limited and non-contact. Will Kampman even hit the field prior to week 6? I'm beginning to think he won't and I don't think we should expect much out of him if he does. Placing Kampman on PUP would have free'd up a roster spot and allowed him to continue to rehab much better than limiting snaps he's obviously not playing to begin with.

Not only that, but the team could have evaluated him on PUP and taken him off during training camp if they thought he was far enough along. They obviously didn't, given how little he participated and the plan to limit his reps.

I still see a lot of Jaguars fans say "Well, when we get Kampman back.." like he's magically going to inject a pass rush on the team. Yes, Kampman was good rushing the passer in the half of a season he played in 2010, but what can you expect out of him now? He hasn't had a full day of real practice since before the Dallas Cowboys game in 2010 and the team was expected to limit his snaps prior to his set back. Is Kampman going to bring more to the table than Jeremy Mincey, Matt Roth, or even John Chick?