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Jack Del Rio has made a QB decision, wont disclose

On today's episode of the Jack Del Rio show on WOKV, the Jaguars head coach was put on the spot right away. Brian Sexton started off the show by asking Del Rio right away who his starting QB would be against the Panthers and he deflected the question by instead saying they should take questions from the callers. The first question from a caller was, predictably, regarding the quarterback decision as well.

Del Rio said he was not going to disclose his decision on the show, but did reveal that a decision has already been made. Reading between the lines, in my opinion, that would indicate that Blaine Gabbert is likely to get the start on Sunday in Carolina.

If McCown were to remain the starter, Del Rio would most likely do everything possible to make it sound like he has full faith in the veteran and that their confidence in him hasn't been shaken. The fact alone that he is admitting there's a decision to be made is enough for me to believe that Gabbert is going to be the guy.