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Del Rio: "It's time for Blaine to be our starting quarterback."

Jack Del Rio met with the media after practice today and made it official. "It's time. It's time for Blaine to be our starting quarterback," said Del Rio. "A transition was inevitable, it's time," he continued.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Luke McCown took his benching in stride today when he met with the media after practice. "Blunt fact is I didn't play well enough to give our team a chance to win," McCown said. McCown knew what the deal was and was told by the staff that he would have to play well, to hold the rookie off. "Luke was told there was a talented young guy he was going to have to hold off," Del Rio said at his press conference. "We think he has the opportunity to be a franchise quarterback. He's getting that opportunity now," added Del Rio. Del Rio also admitted to the media that he considered starting Gabbert for the opener, but decided to go with the veteran. He also said the quarterback position likely would have played out differently had the offseason been different.

Jack Del Rio made mention that the move to Gabbert doesn't change his outlook for the 2011 season, and said the team needed a spark on offense and that they think Gabbert can provide that. Gabbert also told the media he was allowed to audible when asked, a good sign that he knows the playbook.

Funny note: Mark Long of the AP tweeted that Jaguars offensive guard Uche Nwaneri told an interesting story about Gabbert's first start during the preseason in New England. Nwaneri said that Gabber got into the huddle, looked everyone in the eyes, and the paused and then yelled "Let's f---ing go, guys!" Nwaneri said the team loves Gabbert's confidence. Long compared Gabbert's swagger to that of Byron Leftwich's, who was very popular in the Jaguars locker room.