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Jones-Drew: "It's never been a circus for us."

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Entering Sunday's match up with the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars will have their third starting quarterback in the last 15 days. It's seemed like a disorganized circus, but the players don't seem to feel that way. "It's never been a circus for us," runningback Maurice Jones-Drew told the media. "We've had capable quarterbacks. We've had three guys who can go out and start on any team in this league. Now they have a guy they drafted No. 10 and we knew it was going to happen."

The reality is, no matter how much of a circus it looks like from the outside, they players know what's going on. They're not dumb. If it's inevitable to us, it's inevitable to them. As Jones-Drew said, the team knew it was going to happen at some point.

"Blaine's job is to go in there and distribute the ball to people and that's what he's going to do," Jones-Drew said. "I think Blaine has done a great job from the time he got here," Jones-Drew told the media. He continued, "He flew down here and got the playbook, studied it. When he first started camp you could see he was telling guys where to go. He was going a lot of things you wouldn't expect a rookie to do."

"He's always here on Tuesdays from nine in the morning till about three in the afternoon studying extra tape or going over game film. He has all the tools, he can throw the ball well, and he's a great leader. We're just looking for him to go out there and play at the end of the day," Jones-Drew said of Gabbert.

When asked if Blaine Gabbert allowed them to do things offensively that the previous quarterbacks didn't, Jones-Drew simply said, "As long as he stays out of the A-gap when he turns around and hands the ball off on power, he'll be fine."

"It's going to be him versus Cam Newton. Sorry Cam, but we're not going to start you in fantasy this week," Jones-Drew quipped.