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Jaguars will need to pressure Cam Newton

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Pro Football Focus recently posted their "Three to Focus on" article about Sunday's matchup between the Jaguars and Panthers. While none of the three were particularly surprising, there were a few statistics about Cam Newton's play in weeks one and two that were noteworthy.

Newton has struggled when pressured as his NFL QB rating falls to 30.2, compared to 108.5 with no pressure. 

The Jaguars will still be without defensive end Aaron Kampman when they play Carolina, but Matt Roth has filled in admirably, recording a sack in each of the first two games of the season as well as multiple quarterback pressures and hits.

The Jaguars have traditionally been a team that relies on their front four defensive lineman to provide a pass rush rather than using blitz packages; however, it may be advantageous for the Jaguars to send extra lineman to rattle the rookie quarterback. PFF also noted in their article that teams have generally sent blitzes at Newton, but the Jaguars haven't been one to blitz much:

Like most rookie quarterbacks, Newton has seen his fair share of blitzes as teams have sent an extra rusher 34% of the time. It will be a different look this week against the Jaguars who have blitzed only 12% of the time. They will rely on their front four to create the pressure needed to slow Newton down.

While it would probably be uncharacteristic of the Jaguars to blitz Newton as much as the Cardinals and Packers did with their 3-4 defenses, I would expect them to blitz much more than the 12% they did against the Titans and Jets. The few blitzes that the Jaguars have sent have been relatively successful. It was a Drew Coleman blitz that caused a sack and a fumble week one.