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Newton has done a 180 since the preseason

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Most people weren't sure what to expect from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton entering the regular season. I thought Newton was a fantastic talent, but I thought it would take time for him to transition from the spread option he ran at Auburn to run a pro style passing game in the NFL. I guess that's what I get for being silly, since Newton has since thrown for 854 yards in his first two games. He's thrown 3 touchdowns to 4 interceptions, but it's hard to deny that he's been much more impressive than he was in the preseason, where I thought he struggled.

In the preseason, Newton completed just 42% of his passes for 300 yards, through four games. Newton does have two rushing touchdowns so far in the regular season, but he's been sacked 8 times. Such is the life of the "mobile" quarterback. I asked Jaxon from Cat Scratch Reader what changed from the preseason to the regular season to make Newton's play take a seeming complete 180.

Honestly we're not exactly sure what happened but you are correct, since the regular season started Newton has upped his game considerably. I'd like to think he's better under pressure but I'm sure it has something to do with the play calling. Newton has nice touch on the deep ball and that has opened up the rest of the passing game. After ten decades of run-oriented, 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, the past two Sunday's have been like Christmas morning.