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Maurice Jones-Drew is a concern for Panthers

To no one's surprise, it's very likely the Jacksonville Jaguars offense is going to flow through runningback Maurice Jones-Drew against the Carolina Panthers. As well it should, given the Panthers are currently starting two rookies, second round pick Terrell McClain and third round pick Sione Fua. With the two rookie defensive tackles, they've also lost Jon Beason and Thomas Davis to season ending injuries.

Simply put: If you've got Maurice Jones-Drew on your fantasy football team, I'd suggest playing him this week. Seriously.

I asked Jaxon from Cat Scratch Reader how their rookie defensive tackles have looked, and if Jones-Drew was a concern for Panthers fans.

The defensive tackle position is still a work in process but the rookies seem to be progressing. We've added a little depth at the position but it remains our weakest position on defense and that includes LB. Honestly though it wouldn't matter who we had at DT MJD would still be a huge worry. The Panther defense has been susceptible to the big play and MJD is a big play beast. I'll be surprised if he doesn't crack 100+ yards and a TD from over 30 yards out.