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Film Study: Cam Newton vs. Packers

Since I stumbled upon an interesting video, we're going to try something new here at Big Cat Country. I want to see everyone's been scouting abilities to break down the game tape of Cam Newton's game against the Green Bay Packers in week two. In the comments, post your observations and what you expect from Newton in the week three matchup against the Jaguars. You can also comment on what defensive strategies the Jaguars should use to stop Newton from posting his third straight 400+ yards rampage.

Here are a couple observations of my own:

1. The cornerbacks of the Jaguars will be tested, particularly Derek Cox. Newton likes to allow his receivers to make plays on the ball, especially in one-on-one coverage. Cox will probably be lined up against Steve Smith the majority of the game so look for him to see a lot of jump balls.

2. Sometime during the latter half of the second quarter, Newton got uncomfortable and his mechanics started breaking down. He didn't get comfortable again for at least a quarter's worth of time. During this period, he threw his three interceptions.