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Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers: Live Blog/Open Thread

Not much fluff on this post, it's clear why we're all here today. It's Blaine's time to shine. We're all just witnesses today.

Cat Scratch Reader has all your coverage of the other side. BTW, did they find the missing Panther yet?

UPDATE: Inactives Jaguars inactives: Rod Issac, Jason Spitz, Aaron Kampman, Cameron Bradfield, Kassim Osgood, Matt Roth, C.J. Mosley

Things to watch for:

1. Playbook: Is it run-run-short pass-punt? Or does Blaine make some throws that David/Luke couldn't?

2. Offensive Line: Does Eben Britton jump in at left guard?

3. Defense: Do the Jaguars shut down the Cam Newton hype?

Chat up the game here!