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Jaguars Vs. Panthers Score: Gabbert Throws Crazy First TD Pass

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The Jacksonville Jaguars somehow have  a 10-5 lead heading the half against the Carolina Panthers. After a rough first couple of drives, including the first drive in which Gabbert was sacked for a safety, the team slowly but surely began to move the ball. Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert hit Mike Thomas on a 36-yard Hail Mary style touchdown to end the first half. Gabbert hit Thomas deep down the field on a pass that was like a long screen play, where Thomas had blockers in front of him.

The Jaguars get the ball after halftime, but will need to play a bit better than they have to hold their lead and win the game. Cam Newton has come back down to earth, passing the football erratically. Newton's also been nearly picked off four or five times in the first half, sailing the majority of his passes. Newton has also shown to be nearly impossible to sack, being in the grasp often be showing the ability to get the ball out before he goes down.

Hopefully, the Jaguars can open the half with a score to put more pressure on the Panthers.