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So who controls the Jaguars offense?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive game plan on Sunday was way too conservative, I think that much most of us can agree. Sunday after the game, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter talked about the conditions of the game being a big factor. "We had a hard time hanging on to the ball. That was severe weather conditions for a while for both teams. If you were in long yardage, it was just. . . . We had difficulty just getting the snap. Just the condition of the footballs. I don't know how many footballs we take into a game, but we ran out," Koetter told the media after the game.

Del Rio seemed to agree that's why the offense took such a sharp conservative turn. Del Rio explained Sunday after the game, "Obviously you're adjusting some of the things that you do based on that kind of weather. That's just what you do. I thought we adjusted well. It did get adjusted as it should."

Fast forward to Monday's press conference and apparently Jack Del Rio thought the game plan was too conservative. "I'm not sure what caused us to be as conservative as we were. Offensively, I thought we were a little too conservative, quite frankly. I think the combination of the weather and our ability to run, them missing two linebackers and obviously Blaine's first start may have contributed to that, but it really wasn't the kind of look I'd like us to have," Del Rio said about the game plan in the second half.

So wait... On Sunday Del Rio said he thought the offense adjusted well and as it should, then on Monday you're not sure what caused it to be as conservative as it was?

C'mon man.

"Like I said, all those factors that I just laid out there -- the weather, us running it well, them missing a couple linebackers -- I think those things were all factors that played into it. But I definitely would like to see us be more aggressive, more proactive going after people," Del Rio said.

Well, if you'd like to see the offense opened up more during the game... as ESPN's Paul Kuharsky tweeted yesterday...

Jack Del Rio said #Jaguars' offense was too conservative in Carolina. Revolutionary idea: Click headset on and say "open it up."
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Now, Del Rio certainly shouldn't micromanage Dirk Koetter, but if he thinks something needs to change offensively... SAY SOMETHING DURING THE GAME. Don't tell us after the game that you thought the necessary and right adjustments were made then 24 hours say you don't know why it was so conservative. You're the head coach. It's your job to know and to change it.