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Gene Smith on the final year of his contract?


In a bit of eye-brow raise worthy information, apparently Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith is in the final year of his contract. As a matter of fact, every coach and personnel member outside of Jack Del Rio are all operating on one-year deals or deals that end at the conclusion of the 2011 NFL season. Pete Prisco was talking about this on his afternoon radio show on 930 The Fox.

But what's interesting about that is this: He is the only person of substance inside the Jaguars building that is not in the final year of their contract. That includes general manager Gene Smith, his staff and all the assistant coaches. Owner Wayne Weaver opted against giving Del Rio's assistants extensions, which puts them in tough positions since they know that with Del Rio's head on the chopping block they have to be prepared to move on. As for Smith and his staff, that makes little sense. If he has the keys to rebuild the team, which is what Weaver has said many times in the past since promoting him to run things, shouldn't he have more years on his contract? I think Smith deserves that.

If you think about the situation however, this makes sense. If Jack Del Rio is not going to be back next season (which looks likely) a new head coach will generally bring a new coaching staff. A new head coach typically wants his own personnel guy, as well. Gene Smith was promoted to director of college scouting in 2001, so his influence has been on this team since then. Maybe Weaver is looking for a complete gutting of the front office and coaching staff. He could also be considering a coach/GM type of hire.