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Jaguars top ranked defense will get tested

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The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has been a major surprise through the first three weeks of the season. Most felt the defense would be improved from 2010, because frankly the only way to get worse than 2010 would be to field only 9 players on every down. As it stands, the Jaguars defense is currently the 4th best overall defense in the NFL. They rank 7th against the pass, allowing just 196.3 passing yards per game and 5th against the run, allowing just 83.7 rushing yards per game.

The closest thing to the New Orleans Saints the Jaguars have played offensively however, was last week against the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. Saints quarterback Drew Brees is no rookie, though.

The Saints for the past few years have had one of the best offenses in football and it centers around Drew Brees. Against the Panthers, the Jaguars were able to harass Cam Newton and make him ansty. This lead to Newton sailing quite a few passes and nearly being picked off about 836 times. Against Brees and the Saints, the Jaguars defense is going to need to catch some of those interceptions they dropped. They'll need to sack the quarterback when he's in the grasp instead of letting him get the ball out.

The Saints won't make as many mistakes as the Panthers did and let you hang in the football game. The Saints will go for the throat, often.

The Jaguars defense is giving up 20.2 points per game, but that's skewed a bit by the New York Jets game when Luke McCown turned the ball over four times, often putting the Jets right in scoring range. In the other match ups, the defense has allowed just 14 and 16 points, respectively. I don't expect them to hold the Saints to under 20 points, but if the defense can hold the Saints under 30 points the Jaguars will have a shot at winning the game.

This game more than any other so far will tell us just how much better the Jaguars defense is.