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Clint Session playing just a third of the time?

Clint Session played 31 of a possible 65 snaps this week, bringing his season total to 66 of a possible 180 (36.7%)
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Now, this topic was approached before because Clint Session played a ridiculously low number of snaps in the opening game against the Tennessee Titans. The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff was asked about Session's amount of snaps and dismissed it as something the Titans did during the game that took him off the field, be it formation, etc.

Well, after just 3 games, Session has only played in 36.7% of the teams defensive snaps. Against the New Orleans Saints, he'll probably once again play less than half of the defensive snaps, because of how the Saints play offense. Again, I was a proponent of bringing in Session in free agency, but not under the guise of him being removed constantly for nickel downs, especially given how much he was paid.