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Former Jaguars DE Reggie Hayward not a fan of how things are run

Reggie Hayward was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency in 2005 as their long-term fix for one of the defensive end positions. Hayward started out strong, notching 8.5 sacks in his first season but fell victim to an Achilles injury that essentially derailed a once promising career as a Jaguar. Hayward stuck on the team playing at a decent level up until he was released in 2009. This morning, Hayward posed a question to Jaguars fans after he mentioned the team's match up this weekend with the New Orleans Saints:

So overall what would be Jack's Grade as a head coach? He did have some playoff teams or team?
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After his question, Hayward gave his opinion on the current state of the team.

If I was Coach, I wouldn't let go of Dave G. Every good team has Vets that mold young players. Jags always cut their Vets, always rebuilding. I'd have a GOOD mix of vets and young guys. Young players learn how to play and hold themselves on and off the field. Went into locker room before season started and no fire in the guys eyes cause they didn't even know how to react. So many young guys and NO Vets to lead them. Its going to be very surprising to see how well they pick up Gregg Williams Blitz's. Gregg couldnt wait to get out of Jacksonville. Bad blood. Overall Jack's not the worst person to work for. It's a hard business and you have to WIN games period. There's an old saying in football. What have you done for me lately.

Hayward was asked about his thoughts on Del Rio by a Jaguars fan on twitter. His response? "Thoughts on Jack? lol".

Note: Reggie Hayward tweeted this article wanted everyone to know he's not just a former player, but also a fan.