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The River City Relay

December 21, 2003 - Saints kicker John Carney misses the extra point to tie the game.
December 21, 2003 - Saints kicker John Carney misses the extra point to tie the game.

The New Orleans Saints haven't played in Jacksonville since the 2003 season. The last time the Saints came marching in to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, we got to experience a very memorable play. For Jaguars fans, it's a great memory. For Saints fans, it's groan worthy. It was a game the Jacksonville Jaguars won 20-19.

The River City Relay.

The Saints traveled to Jacksonville with a 7-7 to take on a team starting rookie Byron Leftwich and make a push for the playoffs as an NFC Wild Card team. The Jaguars built a 20-13 lead on the legs of then runningback Fred Taylor and 194 rushing yards. With 7 seconds left in the game and on their own 25-yard line, Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks called for the ball the be hiked. Brooks passed the ball to receiver Donte Stallworth midfield, who then broke Fernando Bryant's tackle then broke two more tackles. With the time on the clock expired, Stallworth pitched the ball to Michael Lewis at about the 35-yard line. Lewis took the ball up the field 10 more yards before then pitching it to Deuce McAllister.

McAllister quickly pitched the ball to Jerome Pathon at about the 25-yard line, who ran the ball and dove into the endzone after a key block down field was made by quarterback Aaron Brooks. There was a long review by the officials to make sure all of the pitches were indeed laterals and not any forward passes. The play upheld. The score was now 20-19 with John Carney lining up for the extra point to send the game into overtime.

Then it happened.

"NOOOO!!! He missed the extra point wide right! Oh my God, how could he do that?" exclaimed Saints play by play man Jim Henderson.