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NFL Week 4 Picks: Jaguars Vs. Saints

The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New Orleans Saints this weekend in a match up that looks out of reach for the Jaguars. While the Jaguars haven't played nearly as poorly as their 1-2 record, most pundits picking games give them literally no shot to win this weekend. The Jaguars are coming off a gut wrenching game against the Carolina Panthers that most fans feel they should have won and the Saints are coming off a come from behind win against the Houston Texans.

All of the Yahoo! Sports experts pick the Saints to win, unsurprisingly.

Across the board, the ESPN experts also all pick the Saints to win.

Peter Schrager of FOX Sports also picks the Saints to win, and win big.

Try to resist laughing, but I'm going to compliment the Saints defense for their performance in last Sunday's 40-33 shootout with Houston. Though they gave up 473 yards on the afternoon, they held the Texans to just one touchdown in five trips inside the red zone and both sacked and intercepted Matt Schaub in the game's final drive. They bent ... a lot ... but they didn't quite break. Look for a better, less flexible, effort Sunday against Jaguars rookie Blaine Gabbert.

The Pick: Saints 34, Jaguars 14