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Report: Peyton Manning needs a 2nd surgery, out indefinitely

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An Indianapolis radio host, John Michael Vincent, on ESPN 1070 in Indianapolis that goes by his initials, JMV, is reporting on his Twitter that the Colts issues at quarterback could be worse than they've been letting on.

Been told by multi sources that QB P Manning needs a 2nd neck procedure. Will remain out indefinitely.Called and waiting on response.

If the report is true, the news is obviously devastating to the Colts as Peyton Manning is perhaps the most valuable single player to any team in the NFL. The Colts without Manning are, frankly, not that scary of a team and nowhere near the team that has had a strangehold over the AFC South in the last decade.

Couple this report with some interesting tweets from Colts owner, Jim Irsay, and the possibility of Manning missing time seems very legitimate. Among the tweets that caught the eye of Colts blogger Nate Dunlevy was one that talked about the first Super Bowl seasons of the Rams with Kurt Warner and the Patriots with Tom Brady. Both were the consequence of the incumbent, starting quarterbacks having to be replaced due to injury.

The news, if true, makes an obvious impact on the AFC South and leaves the door open for the Titans, Texans or Jaguars to take advantage.

Update: Adam Schefter of ESPN writes on Twitter that Chris Mortenson reports "Peyton Manning is being revaluated by several doctors because of slow progress. No other procedure planned now."