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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup: Garrard Reaction Edition

Obviously, news of the Jacksonville Jaguars for the next 24 hours will revolve around their decision to release David Garrard.

Jaguars make the right move -
Nobody will ever say the Jacksonville Jaguars don't make bold moves at the quarterback position. For the second time in the Jack Del Rio era, the team has released its starting quarterback on the even of the open of the regular season, with David Garrard being released Tuesday. Garrard, who has been the team's starter since 2007 -- getting named to that position just days before the start of the regular season when Byron Leftwich was released -- has been an average quarterback at best.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars’ decision on David Garrard was inevitable |
Regardless of which side of the David Garrard fence you sit on, and I’ve been telling you for years that he’s an average starting NFL quarterback with Jekyll-and-Hyde tendencies, there’s no way to know just yet whether the Jaguars made a good or bad decision.

Jaguars rolling dice again with decision to release David Garrard |
When the Jaguars cut quarterback Byron Leftwich nine days before the start of the 2007 season and promoted David Garrard to starter, Garrard said "the timing of it was really weird." It was Garrard's turn Tuesday when he was cut five days before the start of the 2011 season. This time, the word "weird" doesn't begin to describe it.

Given every opportunity - Jaguars news on
As Jack Del Rio saw it, the time for waiting and hoping was over. Del Rio, in his ninth season the Jaguars’ head coach, said the decision on Tuesday to release starting quarterback David Garrard and move veteran Luke McCown into the starting role had nothing to do with money and everything to do with reality.

The only move - Jaguars news on
Sometimes, things just have to be done. And sometimes, that’s true even if the timing’s not perfect. If there has been a theme among fans and observers since the Jaguars’ stunning move Tuesday to release starting quarterback David Garrard, it has centered on that. Timing. As in— Why now? Why five days before the regular-season opener?

Jack Del Rio Does it Again: Jaguars Release David Garrard | Jaguars Blog
Back in 2007, after Byron Leftwich had a miserable performance against Green Bay in preseason game three, David Garrard stepped in and showed a spark that caught the eye of the Jaguars fan base. While many felt David had earned the right to supplant Byron as the starting quarterback, Jack Del Rio assured everyone who would listen that Byron was his man.

What went wrong? What's next for Garrard? - AFC South Blog - ESPN
David Garrard is like a lot of moderately successful quarterbacks. He can have a great day or a terrible one on an NFL Sunday. If the blocking is just right and the routes are perfect, he can shine. But a very low percentage of NFL plays go according to plan. And off plan, he did only one thing very well: run. It’s not been enough, and a guy who hit the mother lode because of a great showing in his first year as the starter in 2007 is now out of work.

So, about new Jaguars starter McCown ... - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Luke McCown might have dislodged David Garrard last season had he not torn an ACL in the team’s second game when he entered after Garrard threw four interceptions. "Luke gives us the best chance [to win], Blaine [Gabbert] will be the backup and really those are the two best options we have as we enter Week 1," Jack Del Rio said in a news conference that just wrapped up.