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"Luke (McCown) gives us the best chance to win," Jack Del Rio

The Jacksonville Jaguars clearly feel that Luke McCown gives the team the best chance to win, head coach Jack Del Rio said as much in his press conference yesterday. "Luke gives us the best chance [to win], Blaine [Gabbert] will be the backup and really those are the two best options we have as we enter Week 1," said Del Rio. For two training camps in a row, Luke McCown has been the best quarterback in a Jaguars uniform.

I'm not going to say McCown is a head and shoulders upgrade over David Garrard, but he does bring things to the table Garrard did not. First and foremost, McCown isn't afraid to attack a defense and throw the ball down the field. This was largely apparent in the preseason, whereas Garrard's throws down the field seemed contrived. McCown has the ability to make throws Garrard simply couldn't, and often anticipated his receivers coming open rather than waiting until they were open to make the throw.

"We were excited about the camp he had had and the work he had done up until that point. He came back in this camp and really had a heck of a camp. He had the best camp out of our three quarterbacks. He's earned this opportunity. His teammates have confidence in him. He's out best option to win Sunday," Del Rio said at his press conference yesterday.

Matt Williamson of Scouts, an evaluation of McCown:

McCown has a strong arm that has enough foot quickness and agility to extend the pocket and make plays on the perimeter. He is an adequate scrambler at best and does not feel pressure well, causing him to take more sacks than you'd like. He can be accurate given time in the pocket but will struggle when throwing on the move or on deep throws. He can manage a team and get some wins when surrounded by a strong ground game but is not apt to be a difference-maker when it's up to the quarterback to carry the team.

How long McCown keeps the job from rookie Blaine Gabbert is all up to McCown. I don't think his leash is short, at all.