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Who Douglas Should Probably Shut His Mouth

I've seen it posted in the comments recently about former Jacksonville Jaguars colossal free agent bust Hugh Douglas ripping the Jaguars for how they handled the "situation". That's fine and probably deserved, the timing of the whole thing was horrible. But then Hugh Douglas had to get cute and run his mouth.

"This is not unlike Jack because he did Byron Leftwich the same way," Douglas said on ESPN Radio. "If there was ever a coach who needs to be punched in the face for not being truthful to his players, it's Jack Del Rio."

Be that as it may... hey Hugh, are you going to return any of that free agent money you flat out stole from Wayne Weaver? Remember on Hard Knocks when you came in FAT and the team made you lose weight? Remember when you played, and you were horrible, lazy, didn't try, and cut axed after a single season? Remember when Terrell Owens actually did jack you in your face in the locker room?

Remember on First Take a few weeks ago when you said "I didn't play for the Jaguars, I had a paid vacation," with a stupid grin on your face?

By the way, I'd throw money down on Del Rio.