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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Let's take a spin around the internet and see what folks are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Q&A: David Garrard on his legacy, not being voted a team captain and if he still wants to play |
One last David Garrard post. The former Jaguars quarterback spoke for 18 minutes, which meant there was a lot that didn't fit into the story I wrote for the paper. Here's most of that 18-minute interview. The main takeaways were: Garrard accepted the blame for his release. He isn't sure if he'll play again, but believes he can. He didn't think not being voted a team captain meant he lost the locker room. He would have preferred hearing before the luncheon. Jacksonville is important to him and he plans to retire here. He's happy.

Jaguars Notebook: Terrance Knighton wants defense to help Luke McCown, too |
As Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton sees it, the Jaguars’ defense has a responsibility now. "We’ve got to let them get in a rhythm," Knighton said of the Jaguars offense. "We have to pick it up on our end, get him [Luke McCown] on the field more. Give him a little cushion. Get a few turnovers here and there, get him good field position. We’ve gotta help support him on our end."

PR pros: Jaguars botched how David Garrard release went down |
Firing David Garrard surprised many Jaguars fans, as did the timing, only hours after the team paraded the four-year starting quarterback across the stage at Tuesday's kickoff luncheon. Whether team management made a mistake won't be known until Sunday, when newly named starter Luke McCown takes the field.

Darius Butler drew four waiver claims | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots surprisingly cut cornerback Darius Butler. Not surprisingly, multiple teams wanted him. Per a league source, the Panthers, Broncos, 49ers, and Jaguars each made waiver claims.

Nothing changes - Jaguars news on
In one sense, Luke McCown said life won’t be much different. McCown, who became the Jaguars’ starting quarterback Tuesday with the release of David Garrard, said while his profile and depth-chart position will change – as will his game-day role on a significant scale – his day-to-to-day routine won’t, either. Nor will his approach.

Moving ahead - Jaguars news on
Aaron Kampman said it’s time to move forward. Not that the past 24 hours have been easy, and not that Kampman – the Jaguars’ veteran defensive end – or any other Jaguars veteran took the team releasing starting quarterback David Garrard lightly when the team made the move Tuesday. But reality is reality and reality is this: *The NFL is professional football. *The regular-season opener is four days away.