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Report: Peyton Manning could have surgery as soon as today

According to Mike Florio of, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning could have another neck procedure as soon as today.

With rampant rumors and reports regarding the status of quarterback Peyton Manning, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Manning could have neck surgery as soon today, and that he will miss "significant time" as he recovers.

It's currently expected that, after the surgery, Manning will recover and play again, possibly this year.

As I mentioned multiple times on Twitter and in the NBC season preview, if Peyton Manning is out for a significant amount of time, the Indianapolis Colts are a dumpster fire. If the report is true, the Colts look rather bad in how the situation was handled. If they knew there was a chance Manning could be out even for a  game, they should have taken aggressive action to find a serviceable stop-gap starter to work with the first team. Kerry Collins could be that guy, but he's only been there a little under two weeks.

Couple this with FOX Sports Jay Glazer's tweet earlier that Manning hasn't had surgery yet, but could by the end of the weekend... it spells bad news for the Colts.

The AFC South is now definitively WIDE OPEN. It's anyone's division.