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Jaguars may catch a break against the Titans pass rush

One are of concern heading into the 2011 season for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their pass protection. Luckily this weekend against the Tennessee Titans, the Jaguars face a team who's got questions about their pass rush. It looks like the Titans will be without defensive end Derrick Morgan, last year's first round pick, and as of yesterday defensive end Jason Jones has missed the last two days of practice. It's possible the Titans, who's pass rush is already a concern, could be without two of their three best pass rushers.

Not only that, but according to Jimmy of Music City Miracles, the Titans defensive line has put an emphasis on size.

The front is going to be bigger than it has been the last few years. That was an emphasis of Jerry Gray's this offseason. They should blitz more and actually play guys in the positions where they need to be played.

This bodes well for the Jaguars, who've struggled throughout the preseason to protect the passer. With a bigger line, they'll need to look out for bull rushes and power moves, but I think that's something the offensive line can handle. The real key will be picking up guys like rookie Akeem Ayers on blitzes and Luke McCown being able to work with his hot reads.