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LeSean McCoy inactive, Maurice Jones-Drew all but ensured NFL rushing title

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It was a longshot for LeSean McCoy to make up the 128 yard difference between him and the NFL's leading rusher Maurice Jones-Drew, but he won't have the chance to do so. The Eagles announced their inactives for their game today against the Redskins and McCoy is out.

Arian Foster is the next rusher on the list and he was also declared inactive today. That means the next player behind Jones-Drew that is playing today is 49ers running back Frank Gore. However, Gore is 235 yards behind Jones-Drew with only one game to make up that mark.

Considering Jones-Drew will likely receive several carries today to give him a chance to break the franchise single-season rushing record, it would take a record-breaking performance from Gore or someone behind him to even have an outside shot at the title.