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Colts Vs. Jaguars Final: It's over. Maurice Jones-Drew leads Jags to 19-13 win.

Finally the 2011 Jaguars disaster of a season is over and it ended the right way, with Maurice Jones-Drew having a huge day and the Jaguars beating the Colts. While the Jaguars win gave the Colts the first overall pick, it was only right for the Jaguars to send off the Weavers with a win on their last game of Jaguars ownership.

The story of the game was obviously Jones-Drew who stole the show with 25 carries for 169 yards. It was more than enough to secure the 2011 NFL rushing title and made him the 34th different player in NFL history to rush for more than 1,600 yards in a season. It was also enough to make him the franchise record holder for rushing yards in a single-season.

The offseason has officially begun for the Jaguars and it will likely focus on improving one of the league's worst offenses, but the Jaguars can rest assured that they have a running back of potential Hall of Fame caliber to build around.