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Jaguars Introduce Mike Mularkey As Head Coach

The Jacksonville Jaguars introduced new head coach Mike Mularkey today in a press conference which was also attended by Jaguars owner Shahid Khan and general manager Gene Smith. Here are some highlights from the press conference, paraphrased.

  • I'm excited about being here for the rebirth of the Jaguars. Excited about working with two impressive individuals with Shad and Gene Smith
  • I'm here to put a consistent winner on the field. Were a big part of the community, we want the fans to be a big part of it
  • To be able to play like they did when they had a coaching change, when it would have been easy to pack it in. They put in a wonderful effort (on team's effort vs. Falcons)
  • It was a great conversation (with Gabbert). Blaine reached out last night. We got a chance to spend some time. I told him my philosophy
  • Gene and I are addressing some of the needs right now, without making them public, we'll make sure they're addressed.
  • Blaine is a competitor. I like that to start. I see some field command from him. I told this to Shad & Gene, first thing I felt the lockout put him behind the 8-ball. When you miss an offseason and don't have a chance to be in that meeting room where it's not a rush, rush.. ...that put him behind
  • You have to careful of how much you overload them (QB's). Play to their strengths overall. ...It's got to be very player friendly. Matt (Ryan) had time to come in and learn the system with us early. It's a gradual process. There's some stumbles along the way. At that position it's critical that you don't overload them early on with terminology and too much information.
  • We're not stubborn. When we can't run the ball we will throw the ball.
  • The goal is to win the Super Bowl. I think that's everybody, that's the ultimate goal. That's the objective here.
Mularkey also told the media that he would not be calling the plays on the offense and that he and Gene are in the process of building a staff. Mularkey also made mention that he will be speaking with Mel Tucker tonight and tomorrow. Mularkey's contract is for three years, the same as Gene Smith's.