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Maurice Jones-Drew Makes Another All-NFL Team

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew had a fantastic season, that in my opinion was still very underplayed. Jones-Drew made the 2011 Pro-Bowl team, but not as the starter, and he was the top running back on the 2011 All-Pro team. He also set the franchise record for rushing yards in a season. Jones-Drew receives another accolade today as he makes the Pro-Football Writers Association All-NFL team.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew / Jaguars: The league's leading rusher was as close as there is to a one-man offense in the NFL. Jones-Drew ran for 1,606 yards, the highest of his career, despite working in the league's worst passing offense and generally facing defenses that would have nine or 10 players in the box to stop him. MJD also was durable, getting a career-high 343 attempts just months after having offseason knee surgery.

Jones-Drew of course was the only player for the Jaguars on the All-NFL team, which isn't much of a surprise.